Stuck & ineffective: schools, companies, even me?

Times have changed, but schools haven't. Interesting stuff. Instead of piling on another test, it needs to change direction. It's not just schools though. I'm reading about business theory and motivation and so many areas are stuck in old habits that no longer work well. Corporations, small companies, non-profits, schools...
I'm right in there too though. We're about as "outside the box" as we can be (living in a mobile box and all) but there are still things I do, just because that's what we've always done, that no longer work, or work well, in my job and my family.
So while I quickly point out that schools should change (and they should), I have plenty to ponder my own self too...

Saturday, November 13, 2010
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  1. I am trying to figure how to get this into the view of a LOT of teachers that are active now. I recognize my own frustrations with exactly most of the pints he makes, and, after 10 years of retirement, I see nothing changing. To over simplify, it was mentioned two philosophies..."Here are the schools, such as they are, now fit the student to the school." and "Here is the student, such as he is, not fit the school to the student." This was from around 1965 and NOTHING HAS CHANGED! We are still presenting "incarceration education".

  2. No, the machine will never change. Hope you'll check out my blog and read "How to Lose a Sense of Wonder." It's a sad commentary on institutional "learning."

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