Tallulah Gorge

The weather and fire finally cleared and we got to hike into Tallulah Gorge, though it was more bouldering than hiking. We already walked down the HUNDREDS of steps down to the bottom of the gorge with my friend Lisa and her daughter earlier, then back up the HUNDREDS of step to the top. This time, in between the HUNDREDS of steps down then HUNDREDS back up, we crossed the river (on boulders) and hiked (bouldered) to the sliding falls. It was crazy, but of course fun. And this time, again, there was a big payoff at the end. Although it was a bit cold, again, my hearty swimmers had to slide down the rocks at Bridal Veil Falls! Lizzy and I opted to watch and take photos.
The river, rocks, waterfalls, cliffs, and trees make this gorge, well, gorgeous! This is where they filmed parts of Deliverance (so of course we had to watch that, and now Josh is learning Dueling Banjos on guitar). The scenes where they wrecked their canoes, swam the rapids, lost one man, injured another, and climbed the cliffs, all right here in Tallulah Gorge. This is also where Karl Wallenda crossed the gorge on a tightrope (when my parents were here in college!). The tower and cables are still here and the kids were disappointed that they couldn't attempt it!
After our hike, lunch, photos, snacks, and swim at the falls, we had to go back up the HUNDREDS of steps to the top. What a day! (Did I mention the HUNDREDS of steps??) Yes, it was exhausting and you definitely feel the burn! But very worth our effort and our long wait. Many from this area (like my parents who went to college nearby for 4 years!!) haven't made it through the gorge, but it's definitely worth it.
A few pics...
And a lot more pics...

Friday, March 25, 2011
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  1. Way to go Lundys!!! Those steps are rough enough even more impressive the bouldering you added to it!!

  2. That looks like a super fun trail! I've been itching for a good hike. Perhaps in North Carolina? :)


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