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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fulltime Families Rally Day 3

What an awesome day!  Besides science experiments, Let's Make a Deal (where Allen and I unfortunately did not win the prize of dinner with free babysitting, ugh!), and more games, we had a prom!  Roadschooled and homeschooled kids don't always have a prom (or care), but this was a really fun night for kids and adults alike!
Kimberly really went all out with the pavilion, a DJ, decorations, prizes, and our dessert potluck.  It was a thrift store prom, so no pressure to buy anything fancy, but many found some great deals under $5 at the local Salvation Army.  Some pulled out dress clothes, while others wore every day stuff, and no one cared at all.  It was just a fun time of dancing and letting go with our friends.  I haven't laughed that hard for a long time!
Josh and Laney won (possibly bribed, I know Matt was trading hugs for votes!) prom king & queen and this was their reaction to learning they had to dance together!
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