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Our Ukrainian Adventure: Back in the USA

Day 21 - Saturday, Nov 3
Grandparents and Uncles rock! Josh spent the entire day playing and showing off. After his nap, more playing and showing off. Josh loves attention. He doesn't love Sydney though. It okay though, because she feels the same way about him! This child eats like an angel/pig! He definitely doesn't take his food for granted. He barely needs a bib, because he doesn't miss. He opens his mouth and sticks his neck out like a little baby bird. He's been saying "ne ne". Probably means me or more? First trip to Walmart to get more film developed. He digs the cart ride!

Day 22 - Sunday, Nov 4
Grandma, Grandpa, and Ryan had to leave. Josh cried. Well, anytime I say cry, you can assume I mean scream. We knew that Josh was the group favorite. What we now know is that means he got whatever he wanted. He's quite spoiled (the teachers beat the Grandmas to it), so we have alot of un-teaching to do. Lots of tantrums. It'll be great! He learned his second English word. Unbelievably it's copycat! We kept calling him one, because he mocks us all the time. It's mostly amusing. We went to Walmart again. All-American kid!

Day 23 - Monday, Nov 5

Allen went back to work. Josh cried (screamed, right). A day of playing, potty fits (must miss his bucket?), eating. Of course Walmart. We keep trying new potty seats, but they just don't make them right.

Day 24 - Tuesday, Nov 6
Playing, potty fits, eating, Walmart. Hey, we needed a night-time musical thingamajig.

Day 25 - Wednesday, Nov 7

Playing, potty fits, eating, Walmart. Yeah, I returned all the potty seats and got some more clothes. He ran out and my mom's not here to do the laundry anymore. We've got lots more to tell and show you, so I'll let you know about our website as soon as I can. That's all for now.
Thanks so much for sharing in our wild adventures! We sure needed it!
We love you, Margie, Allen, AND Josh!

Mom and Dad - thanks so much for all you did. You're wonderful. See you in 1.5 weeks. We'll bring
his portable crib (thanks rvcc people)! Visit anytime!
Ryan - thanks for taking care of Syd. we missed her so much (but we didn't miss her waking us up at 4:30 am)
Mom-in-law - see you soon. sorry to make you wait, but we'll get more time this way!
MCR - see you soon, let me know if Mon or Tues is better.
Tony and Erin - congrats! Josh would love to come visit later and mess up your new house too!
Everyone - sorry, I just can't think anymore. too much to type in one day. I'm out of keyboard strokes.
Love you all...