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Lundy Luck

Well, I keep saying I should write a book. Our family just has the most bizarre things happen, and always all at once. If I believed in luck, I'd say ours was bad, but it always turns out good somehow. So here's yet another chapter in the life of a Lundy. We bought a new old house, built in 1908. Big, beautiful, but old. So it fails every inspection and we fix gas leaks, roof leaks, termites, etc. So all is well. We move in 3 days ago. One toilet doesn't work, the sinks have very low pressure, no place for the microwave or fridge, one sink leaks easily and floods the floor, tub drains very slowly, some phone jacks don't work, etc. All little things DH can fix, so no problem, just inconvenience.
So tonight we came home to a serious rainstorm in the dining room. I mean pouring through the ceiling with serious force. Something happened in the upstairs bathroom, but there's not a leak. Minor issues (there are always issues with us) with the home warrantee and the insurance. The water finally stopped, I'm sure it can be fixed, so just inconvenient now. Finally, the one that bothers me. DH happened upon an art cabinet they were throwing away at work. The huge metal cabinets with tons of wide flat drawers! He thought I'd like it for my new scraproom and brought it home! Yippee! Great paper storage, I'm going to be so organized. Yeah, well it won't fit in any of the doors! Absolutely no way for us to get it in, so I'm thinking of selling it which is soooo depressing. It was a wonderful almost gift from DH. I've been "doing chocolate" to get me through it. So nothing too major compared to our usual, just more and more things for us to laugh about later. Add to all these my daily trips to my brother's for more of our things, with a borrowed van that gets stuck in the ice-covered driveway and must be pulled out every time. And the fact that we can't park near our house here because of the ice, then we have to walk over it. Yep, never boring around here. Of course I should have taken pics of DS enjoying the gushing water. He kept running through the room as if it were sprinklers from the ceiling made for him. Quite amusing. So if you have a bad day, just think to yourself somewhere there's a Lundy who's probably having a worse one!! I don't know how I'd survive if I didn't choose to live without stress. I'm having to choose that more often lately, but it's still working. Thanks for reading this latest chapter!