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More rain, inside!

Just wanted to share our good news in the continuing saga of our ceiling/water leak. After a torturous 2 weeks of looking at a partial ceiling and some attractive 100 year old pipes hoping water would soon pour out again so we could locate/fix the leak with no luck and wondering if someone's just playing an elaborate joke on us, the rain finally came. Outside it was a beautiful spring day, while inside - el nino! Anyway, more of the ceiling came down and we found the elusive culprit. With our insurance check in hand, we can finally go forward and get this house back in working order! Not many would appreciate the waterfall in the dining room, but at the Lundy home it's a cause for celebration. It's almost a shame it has to be fixed. Yeah, I think the lead paint dust has gotten to my head. Anyway, just wanted to share. And of course this will find it's way into my scrapbook soon.