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Ouch, my hand.

tired of my misadventures yet? i sure am. they never end though. here's the next chapter in my must-be-written book. my hand hurts. my son and i got locked out of the house. allen has a key and is only a half mile away, but we don't have time. late for an appointment. there's a basement window. you have to crawl thru our "secret room" which must have been a place to store coal or something back in the day. it's a high window. it's a small window. it's been done before. twice. in the room untouched thru time, i can't decide if i should go, leaving 3-yr-old josh in that room alone, or lower him through the window and see if he can manage to climb the stairs and open the door at the top in the dark. still deciding, and banging on the window, my hand goes through the glass. ouch. hmm. now there's the issue of broken glass to consider. leave josh with it in one room or make him walk through it in another. ugh. guess i'll stop and pick out the glass from my hand. good thing it's not my mouse hand! blood, where to wipe it off? um, nothing around, don't love this shirt, it'll do. ouch. screw it (said out loud), so josh says "screw it?" yeah, that's what mommy says when she's really mad. "are you mad mommy?" yep. "it's okay mommy." so i call allen. actually left the car unlocked for a change with the cell phone inside. a break? no, won't pick up out here. figures. walk to the ice cream store to call, trying to cover the bloody shirt with a bloody hand. allen comes to the rescue. we clean up, get bandaids, car keys, and get on our way. all is well, except my hand hurts. yeah, later that evening... allen has a softball game. second baseman needs a babysitter for his baby. the moms and i sit with rows of babies in strollers. foul ball, heading for the babies. i'd simply catch it, but josh is in my lap pouting about some misfortune of his. so i jump in front and slap it away from the babies so it'll bounce away from them. ouch. of course, it manages to ricochet off josh's head. barely, he's fine but turns to yell at the mean ball players who hit him. everyone's glad the babies are safe. my hand hurts. had to be the same one, on the same day. i wish the numbness would return. hope you got a chuckle out of it. i managed very few. just another day in the life of a lundy.