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We're skydivers!!!

Well Allen and I made it safely from 13,000 feet back to the ground! We went skydiving today, and this time the clouds cooperated, with only a few visiting to make my decent thru them very awesome. Here's proof:

To quote myself as seen on my video "HOLY CRAP!!!!!" Yes my parents were very proud of th
at moment. It was so unbelievably, incredibly, amazingly better than I ever imagined! If you've ever considered trying it, just go do it. Now. Really. Why are you still here? Seriously, we thought we'd do it once and have that one experience, but it's now officially our annual anniversary trip. We'd do it every week if we were rich. My goodness it's so much fun. And strangely, I was never once scared or in fear of my life. Even leaning out of the plane, I just thought, well here we go. And freefalling, man, I just thought how cool is this?! Wheeee! Gliding down with the parachute, jeepers. Beautiful scenery, fun doing 360s, just peaceful and awesome. I would divorce Photoshop and marry Skydiving if I could! Yes, it's that awesome. Go tandem. That's where you're tethered to an instructor. They do all the work, you just hang on and enjoy the trip.

Allen went on his own. Classes, training, quizzes, practice. Then he had a list of things to do as he jumped and he said it took away from the enjoyment. He got plenty, believe me, but he was distracted. Me, I just hung there and whoo hooo'd for the camera guy. I'll post pics as soon as I pull them off the digital video we got. Man, I'm still on the biggest adrenaline rush ever. It was just so freaking awesome!!