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Leaks, mysterious leaks

what are the odds??? seriously! i don't want pity or anything, i just really want to know these odds. and i might need to start playing the lottery. what are the odds of having two totally unrelated leaks in two separate ceilings, with water pouring through, neither of which is rain water??????? pretty wild? well add to that we actaully do have two roof leaks but they're contained in buckets and are not in any way related to these ceiling issues! that is just messed up! yeah, we have another water leak. last one, the cracked bathroom pipe, is fixed. beautiful faux painted tin ceiling, it's wonderful. today we found another. two rooms away, no pipes above it. fortunately not as devastating as the last, which was hours of a waterfall though the house, twice. this one was just enough water to weaken the plaster and come through. fortunately the carpet is already up and directly under it was a box of magazines that contained the water (plus a neglected house plant that needed it anyway!). after much investigation, we found the unlikely culprit. the window air conditioner!! apparently it leaks and leaked thru a crack in the window ledge right down to the office ceiling, where it waited patiently to burst thru and drive us crazy yet again! so, since this is the biggest room in the house, i doubt we'll go for another tin ceiling right away. we might just patch it this time. we're still taking out to the trash the plaster from the last ceiling in boxes a little at a time!! and no, none's been stolen lately! goodness. anyone know what kind of odds those are?????