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The old Chevy truck, like a rock, kinda

so, lots of people have junk cars. ones you don't love but they get you where you need to go. usually. which is good enough for a junk car. well we have one. it's a truck. 84 chevy S-10. gotta love a chevy! 20 years old and still working. well mostly. so allen gets home from a business trip tonight and we need to take the car to the shop. just squeaky brakes, no biggie. so allen and josh pile into the truck and i follow. but i choke on the fumes so i take another road! he's going backroads since there's a headlight out. so i get there and wait, and wait. so i go look for him, figuring he broke down, nothing surprising. can't find him anywhere, and it's a small town. finally get back to the shop and he's waiting. he was pulled over by our friendly neighborhood policeman. lovely. so he asks allen if he knows why he was stopped. allen says probably because i have a headlight out. he laughs and says well more like a headlight, tail light, license light, turn signal, and no muffler. (come on it's 20 years old remember) and allen, quite honestly, said he was on his way to the shop. fortunately the cop liked that answer and said okay, just take care of it. and allen drove it to the shop where i met him. now it's 10pm and the shop is closed but we have to leave the car for it's morning appt. but allen doesn't want to risk driving the truck home and there are cops parked nearby waiting. fortunately someone was working late so i went in and told him the story, which he quite enjoyed. so we made a new appt for the car and left the truck. now are we going to have them fix the truck? no way. when you pay $500 for a piece of junk and it's still running years later, it's just not worth having a professional fix it. allen can fix the lights. and i don't think it'll ever see a muffler again. tho we might throw the old one back into the back of the truck. the joke was always if we get pulled over and they say we don't have a muffler, we can say, well actually we do and point to the back! maybe that's just funny to us, dunno. anyway, i just thought it was a humorous evening. hope you enjoyed it too! Ü