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Party of FIVE!

Announcing our two new additions to the family! Yep, we’re adopting again, but this time from a little closer than Ukraine. We’re working with Children’s Services and quickly found two children (siblings) who needed a home. Matt and Lizzie have been here for a month and we can’t imagine life without them. Lizzie and Josh are both 6, and we’re sure that will be interesting when they’re older, two driver’s licenses, two proms, two in college, yikes! Matt is 3 and will be 4 soon. The three get along wonderfully, then fight like siblings do, but they so enjoy each other. Matt is rotten on the outside and sweet on the inside. You won’t believe this, but he actually talks more than Josh! Lizzie loves all things pink and girly, but can also swing a mean bat! She’s on Josh’s baseball team and is quiet the athlete. She’s also a good singer, so the Lundys finally have someone who can carry a tune!

We’ve stayed home, had lots of fun, kept to ourselves, and just bonded as a family. But soon we’ll be ready for visiting and traveling and hope to see many of you! We would really appreciate your prayers as we continue to get to know each other and get used to being a family of 5!