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Cincinnati with some of Team Digital!

between CHA in Chicago and the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Grand Rapids, Lauren and Kim rode home with me to spend a few days. we enjoyed the view of the cornfields all the way home! on monday, we spent the day in Cincinnati with Tina, Suzi, and Linda also!
it was so fun to get together with so many of the team to shop, eat, browse, and just hang out! who knew these girls liked dover so much? we spent a lot of time at barnes & noble! and took a riverboat cruise, and shopped, and shopped, and enjoyed meeting Linda's Steve and Sydney and Tina's Scott and Tate and Suzi's Charlie. of course we feel like we know them from their scrapbooks (but you know, those men never do understand why we hug them as if we've known them for years!)
then Lauren, Kim, and I went to a Reds game so Lauren could see her first baseball game and eat her first giant pretzel!
the next day some of my friends, including Debi, yet another member of Team Digital, met us at night sky (coffee shop) for a few hours of scrapping! then we had to take Kim to the airport and head to Michigan for the GASC.

oh, none of these pictures are mine! with so many pro photographers around, i just left my camera and asked them to share with me. so all the pics are by Kim, Lauren, Tina, or Linda! thanks girls!