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Back from the Bahamas!

we're back from our cruise - the sunshine and beautiful days of the bahamas - back to 40° and rain in good ol' ohio. :) but at least we missed the entire blizzard of 2008! over a foot of snow here and it all melted before we got back. we're all tired and sunburned, but we had a blast! it'll take a while for us to adjust to only three meals a day and no all-you-can-eat buffets open round the clock. and to not waking up to a new island every day with gorgeous clear water everywhere. we got to eat, snorkel, eat, kayak, eat, swim, eat, climb rock walls, eat, watch great shows and comedians, eat, play ping pong, eat, enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the ocean, eat, and eat some more! we enjoyed time with grandma, grandpa, and uncle ryan. and the kids LOVED going to adventure ocean each day where they played, did experiments, and had all kinds of fun (and the adults loved the break!) great vacation, although now we'll need a few days to recover!
we left from florida and cruised to cococay, a private island where we did some kayaking and snorkeling and of course playing on the gorgeous beach where we saw sting rays and conch shells. then we went to nassau, where grandma and grandpa took a tour of atlantis and other parts of nassau. uncle ryan, the kids, and i went to blackbeard's cay, another private island to play on the beach, while allen was sick in bed with strep throat. :( the next day, after seeing a doctor and getting meds, allen felt better and was able to join in the fun. we spent the day at sea and enjoyed some ping pong (margie won the silver medal in a tournament!), climbing, and lots of entertainment, and of course food! :) here are some pictures of the highlights.


Liz McCoy said…
rock on!! that looks like an amazing vacay!!!