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Spring Break at Shawnee

the kids and i took a trip down memory lane for the first few days of their spring break. we went to shawnee state university, where allen and i went to college. it's really changed since then! (of course it wasn't *that* long ago!) lots of new buildings, housing, and even roads that disappeared. the kids loved walking through the halls and lizzy kept saying she felt like she was really in college. :) we also visited the innermisison campus ministry which is really growing. (their site's still under construction) i was there at its beginning and it was small, but we knew it could be great. it's awesome to see so many college kids hanging out there! they have a building close to the campus with lots of fun things to do. dsp donated some software and cds so hopefully we'll see some new digital scrapbookers too. :) i also showed them the amazing murals on the flood wall of the ohio river. then we headed to shawnee forest for some hiking and swimming at shawnee lodge, which they just love! here are pics of shawnee state then our hike today!
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Liz McCoy said…
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Liz McCoy said…
great trip!! Love the photo of Lizzy and all three kiddos on the foot bridge.