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Eric Davis sighting!!!!

i almost forgot to share my exciting news. i saw eric davis!!!! and he waved at me!! eric was my favorite baseball player since, well ever. i still try to hold my bat and swing like him. :) we went to a cincinnati reds spring training game in florida on march 9th before we left for our cruise. i saw him when we walked in, but the boys didn't believe me. later he was standing up and i said see? that's him! so allen yelled at him and he waved for my picture. i about cried! :) of course i went down to the dugout and took more. and then i so wanted to go tell someone, but anyone who would really understand was with me, allen, my brother, and my dad. so i told the girls at DSP and of course lauren asked if he was some famous photoghop guy. (we really *are* geeks!) but it was awesome to see him after all this time! he retired in 2001, so it was neat to see him just hanging out with his old team. they called him an honorary guest coach. eric davis! still can't believe it!