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New driveway!

5/2 - it's completely finished! we now have a concrete driveway with parking for eight to ten cars, so come see us soon! you won't have to walk through the mud anymore. :) the kids get to bring out the bikes, scooters, skateboards, and skates tomorrow. i'm sure they'll find the sidewalk chalk soon and fancy it up. and we'll probably have basketball lines down soon too, full court even! and now, we just need to figure out how to redo all the landscaping we finally finished up. :)

5/1 - almost finished! it's all poured and they're just fine tuning tomorrow and we'll have a complete driveway! the kids are very excited and got to walk on part of it today. to allen's dismay, a cat decided to walk on a corner of it while it was still wet! and no, we don't have a cat. at least it wasn't our 70 lb boxer! :)

4/29 - two sections are finished! and we added the kids' hand prints close to josh's hand prints from 2005 (on the left). they were so small!

4/28 - we've been saving up and it's finally time to get the driveway started! the kids can't wait to play basketball, skateboards, scooters, bikes... and we can't wait to not have a river of mud out back every time it rains! :) should be finished this week!


Liz McCoy said…
that's so special to have the hand prints!!!

I'm going back to kansas in 2 weeks and hope to find my hand prints from almost 20 yrs ago!