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California, here we come! Day 1: Oakland A's

we made it to california today and already enjoyed a tour through the adobe campus, met a lot of crazy digital scrappers going on the photowalk, and went to an oakland a's game!
adobe is amazing of course, very cool cafes, gyms, basketball courts, concerts, races, pool tables, snack bars, oh and people work there too! the conference room for the laptop crop is awesome and we know it'll be so much fun.
the hotel lobby was filled with lots of giggling as a large group prepared to photograph anything and everything in san jose. here are some of their pics already. it was fun to get to hear real names along with dsp usernames! i can't wait to spend more time with them all tomorrow!
orangesue (aka tara) and mr. orangesue (aka sueme, aka chris) were our baseball guides and we had a blast! very interestingly, sitting right beside us (in california remember) were two guys from cincinnati! they were also doing allen's goal of visiting all the baseball stadiums. (allen now has 25 down and only 5 to go!) they had a fun time comparing notes. we just watched espn and were amazed that the crazed cat loose on the field didn't make the highlights! it was very scared, and very fast, and had the entire stadium cheering as it ran through the field desperately looking for a way out! so now that it's 3am our time, it's time to get to bed!