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Day 3: San Francisco Giants baseball game

today we had a fun staff breakfast, though it's always sad to say goodbye to these girls! of course i talk to them all day every day, but email is just not as fun as in real life!!
afterwards, tara, chris, allen, and i went to san francisco for another baseball game! this was #26 of 30 in allen's quest to see all the major league baseball parks! they did warn us, but boy was it windy and chilly!! beautiful though! we had a wonderful view of the bay from our seats and really enjoyed this stadium. we saw the kayakers that wait for homeruns, the huge coke bottle slides (chris beat allen in a race), a gazillion cool tributes to barry bonds, and a very cool kids park. they even have a neat place where you can watch from field level in right field! the last few pics are from down there and you're so close to the game! and interestingly again, we sat by someone from ohio again, this time from columbus! we were also really excited to see randy johnson pitch too! (here's the johnson pitch hitting a bird video for tara!!) :)
then we watched a movie (hancock), saw a GIANT scrapbook (tara has those pics) and formulated lots of ideas for the next crop, and stayed up way too late getting to know chris and tara better. they are SO much fun! we're planning a trip to LA now, to hit the 3 other ballparks in california and see them again. another fun day in california! here are lots of pics of san francisco...


Liz McCoy said…
Love the photos!!! Definitely looks like you had a BLAST!!!

So has allen already been to turner field here in ATL??? Does he want to come down and see it again??????

Bring the kiddos we'll show you all around HOTlanta!

Love the photo of allen above the field and the 4 of you looks soo great together...beautiful smiles!

Love the windy san fran picture of you..your hair is soo long!!!