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Don't worry, he's okay, and he's ready for Kindergarten!

another day... another fall... another bruise, cut, or scrape for one of the boys! this day it was matt. and what a day it was for the poor guy! he had his physical for kindergarten but right before we left, he fell down the stairs and hit his eye on the bookshelf. he did the usual - see blood, panic, scream, but then calmed down to just be the saddest boy alive. :( at the dr, he didn't need stitches, so that was good. but the finger prick and FOUR immunization shots in his little legs were bad, very bad apparently, according to the volume of his screaming. but six bandaids later, he's all fixed up and feeling better. and very happy that he's officially on his way to kindergarten! i'm not ready of course, but he assured me that "mom, it's only 7 hours and i'll come home right afterwards." yes matt, that helps so much. :)


Anonymous said…
OUCH! So glad he's ok! Wish I could have him this year - I thoroughly enjoyed having Lizzy!