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Fourth of July cook-out, (well, cook-in actually)

despite the rain, we had a great time with the family today! allen grilled in the barn, so we were still able to have a yummy (way too big) meal and visit with everyone inside. thank goodness for the new living room set so we could all fit too! the reds game was on, in high definition no less, so all were happy. the kids had a ball as usual. josh took off with noah and played ball outside in the rain mostly. lizzy and logan did whatever squealing girls do. and matt went back and forth trying to fit in or torture all four.
we have a great family and it was so nice to catch up with them again. we need to get together more often, but we were certainly grateful to spend time with them today! we got some nice family photos for a change, and some goofy ones! jim got a great picture of three of the kids (below). i love it! matt entertained the grownups by climbing the doorway, monkey-style. and josh and noah practiced their diving catches, in the wet grass.


Liz McCoy said…
Margie you look incredible!!!!! Love the family all are sooo funny!!!