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And they're off - to the Appalachian Trail!

the guys (14 of them) left today for the appalachian trail! they packed, prayed, then promptly locked the keys in one of the vans! :) fortunately pastor shawn is one of the backpackers and had a spare! after that funny delay, they set off, smelling good for the last time for quite a while!
they'll be backpacking a section of the AT and most will return after 4 days with great stories and experiences. my allen on the other hand (who always craves more adventure) is going to continue his trip for an undetermined length of time! he's armed with a guidebook and cellphone (among the many other things in his 45 lb pack), to be used only when he's able to hike into a town to check in with us and say hi or ask for a ride home! we'll miss him, but we know he'll have a wonderful time in the wilderness!
and yes, i did send him with a waterproof camera and a 2 gb sd card. so hopefully we'll share the pictures sometime soon, or not so soon! :)


Liz McCoy said…
How exciting!! Can't wait to see/read all about his amazing adventure!!!