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first day of school, kid #3

my last one headed off to school today (wahhh). matt was very excited and yelled school day!!! as soon as he woke up.
josh was being a very good big brother and giving him tips and said he'd be sure he got to the right place. he freaked when he saw the bus. i'm so glad i got a picture! they yelled, jumped up and down, hugged, and ran for the bus. it was so cute.
i heard josh introducing matt to the bus driver (and the rest of the bus) and asking if he could sit by him. i'm sure he'll be much nicer to him there than he is at home. well i hope!
so both of the boys are off to school today. *sniff* at least lizzy is home this year so we're not lonely! oh, i still need to post about her first day, which was yesterday. :)
sorry the pics are small jen, but these are really not good or interesting probably for anyone except my mom. :)


Liz McCoy said…
OH MY WORD is matt cute or what!!! look at that beautiful err handsome hair!!!!!!!

Such a big boy! I'm excited to hear all about how well he does in school he seems to be soo very smart already! He'll probably soar in a classroom environment.
Jennison said…
Yeah, small, but that's OK, I guess, I've still got a few more years of good eyesight ;) Matt is sure a cutie pie!!!!!