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Labor Day 1 - Kayaking The Dries, Waterfalls, and Beauty Mountain

We had a great time camping over Labor Day in West Virginia at the New River. The first day, Allen kayaked The Dries, which apparently doesn't run very often, so it was quite a treat. I got a fun picture of him in his kayak skirt so I could use the wordart Tina Chambers made for me.
The kids and I played at a waterfall nearby, which was more of a water trickle that day. But fun and lots of photo opportunities, so I was happy!
That morning we visited Beauty Mountain (maybe our favorite place in WV) with Kathy and Michelle. This place was a tip from our favorite white water guide and boy is it a great one! Near impossible to find, but worth it if you do. It overlooks the river and gorge and is just breathtaking. So here are some pretty pictures, then of course our kids sticking their heads out the windows like dogs. :)


Liz McCoy said…
is that the same location you and allen got your picture taken a while back??? That sure is a B-E-A-Utiful spot!!!

Love the picture of your whole family. GORGEOUS!!

Also love the out the windows shots too much fun!

The waterfall water trickle (LOL) was a really pretty backdrop.

Great Photos Margie, thanks for sharing them!