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Labor Day 2 - White Water Rafting and Repelling Down a Cliff at the Bridge

Allen surprised us with a rafting trip on Saturday! Joe let us borrow his raft and take the kids down the river. Of course it was the Glade Creek section which is really tame, but they had a blast. To them it was some wild white water action on the New River! Allen and Michelle were in the back, Julie and I in the front, and six kids piled in the middle. It was the easiest rafting trip I've ever taken and so nice to just relax and not dig in or fear death like usual! Poor Allen missed a day of kayaking for it, but he had fun seeing them so happy.

Of course he got his own action later when Denny took him repelling by the bridge. Man was that scary! I had to lie down at the top and hold the camera out to take the pics and heights don't usually bother me. But that was straight down and wayyyy down. It was a very cool place for climbers and the kids had fun trying to climb up the rocks too. Besides the great cliffs, it has an awesome view of the gorge and bridge. I got my favorite picture of the bridge there too!


Liz McCoy said…
i love repelling! what fun!!! Looks like a GREAT location!

Love your bridge pictures!!!

Also love that the raft you used was PINK!! Did lizzy love that too????