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Our Olympic debut!

this is hilarious, but freakishly so! you'll want to try it after you see it!
this is our debut at the olympics and we really bust some moves. :)
it really was fun. not sure allen will enjoy it so much though! :)
thanks to carolyn for the link! just click the play button!

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Anonymous said…
lol love it!! :)
Unknown said…
ok..seeing Allen in Pink Tights just really made my night...and I really needed a laugh tonight...thanks you looked too cute too...
Liz McCoy said…
HAHA that is one of the funniest things i've ever seen HAHAHAHAHA was that allen's butt or yours??


DH would KILL me if I did that.

Anywhoo I'm off to do my own HEHEHEHE
Emmy said…
That's hysterical! Can I have one? :)
Anonymous said…
My Hubby is a good sport, but not as good of a sport as Allen is! That is totally hilarious!