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holy ike!

although we're nowhere near texas, or any ocean for that matter, hurricane ike almost blew us away! we lost huge limbs, shingles, power, cable (no internet *gulp*), then my computer crashed (blaming the power surges), and it's just been chaotic with schools and businesses closed (it's like they've never seen a hurricane in ohio!). it's almost back to normal now though. we cleaned outside for days then inside for days reinstalling programs and files on my computer and such (although i backup regularly, it's still a pain!).
we'd sent the kids outside to play in the windstorm. told them if they ran really fast into the wind they might fly (they're easy like that!). but then they ran back in yelling about branches falling so we kept them in. it was dangerous out there! we didn't realize how bad it was going to get. who knew the winds would get up to 75 mph in ohio?? they had a ball cleaning up though, well playing in the big branches and fighting with all the sticks. :)
i'll try to catch up on some of the happenings from the last few weeks soon!


Bridget said…
My computer crashed that Sunday as well. Jeff's IT buddy is working on getting all my information off of it. It wasn't worth fixing, so I ended up with a new laptop out of it.

We lost power for about 30 secs--sorry to hear about your issues. Sounds like it got a little crazy just down the road!