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Labor Day 4 - Allen on the New River, Gorge Section at Fayette Station

Allen finally got to once again tackle the Gorge section of the New River. This is at Fayette Station (Class IV - for the non-paddlers, that's 4 out of 5 with 1 meaning boring and 5 meaning possible death). After swimming for a few hours under the bridge, building sand castles, and a picnic lunch, the kids and I hiked down to catch the action up close! He even posed for me in the middle of the run! The boring pics of the kids and bridge and such are after the pics of Allen in the rapids.


Laurenbavin said…
Love the photos Margie - My fave is the one of the bridge going across the photo - but i love the action ones of Allen too -
Bridget said…
And I thought I had an exciting Labor Day surfacing our driveway!

The pics of Allen at the edge of the cliff scared me . . . . I wouldn't have been anywhere near that!

How is school going?
Liz McCoy said…
outstanding!! WAY TO GO ALLEN!!

you're kids are sooo cute they have smiles made for pictures!!!

You just get better and better and better. Thanks for sharing the picts!

BTW Your family is soo adventurous!!! I hope to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors with my kiddos like that some day.
Brian Vinson said…
I'm with Bridget: I thought our Labor Day was exciting - tearing off the back of our house!