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take time to be a dad

allen is a wonderful dad and does so many things with the kids (though admittedly some of them scare me!), but i don't think he could do this. he might though, it takes an awesome dad and he is one awesome dad. i love this video!!!


Anonymous said…
I LOOOOVVEEEE that commercial series!!! There are a few of them... aren't they awesome!! I love hearing of the things Allen does with the kids from building tree houses to the outdoor adventures! What a great guy!! Your kids must think he is 10 feet tall!! :)
Laurenbavin said…
I dunno - I think I can see Allen there with the yellow pom poms !!- I shall send Steve to give him some moral support ( well they might need to do a bit of arm lifting training first ( with a beer can in hand!)
hahahaha! I think that rocks! I totally love it! I've never seen these commercials on TV, have you?