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enjoying the everglades and alligators!

on our trip to florida, since we were freezing and had planned to warm up, we drove to the very bottom of florida, and it did get up to 70° one day. not the heat we'd hoped for, but we took it! we explored the everglades, one of allen's favorite places, because it's beautiful, uninhabited, and untouched, well that and all the alligators! the kids LOVED finding them and getting up close.

the second day we took canoes out a few miles into the everglades and explored in peace and quiet (well, except for the kids!) and it was so much fun. the trip started a little unnerving for josh when an alligator ducked under their canoe, but he relaxed when he realized it wasn't hungry and the kids loved every minute of it. allen, josh, and lizzy even saw a manatee! we got up close to some american crocs too (they're more scary than alligators if you were wondering!)
then we went to the everglades alligator farm and saw animals, watched shows, and took an airboat ride. it was a really impressive place! all three kids volunteered for anything anyone asked (of course) and lizzy got to feed fish to alligators and josh got to pull out a snake. all 3 got to hold a snake (and mommy was happy to just stand back and take pics). airboat rides are always fun and we all got a bit wet from turns and spins, especially the kids as they saw up front, and we spotted lots of gators too.
then we headed back to the grands and the colder weather in northern florida!