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happy 9th birthday josh!

today is josh's birthday! he's the big 9! lizzy was sad that her month and a half of being the oldest was over. (they still don't understand that she's always older, but then it *is* confusing being that close in age!) but josh was very excited and ready to celebrate. we took cookies into his class, then had a fun party here. the trick candles got him again! (see the pic!) he was very surprised when he saw his new skateboard. it's sic! (really, it says so right on it). :)


Mandy T said…
Happy Birthday Josh.
Super photos.
Laurenbavin said…
Well he looks much older with his hair long - it suits him !!- and very cool skateboard too!!!! - Happy Birthday Josh
Liz McCoy said…
OMG josh is soo big!!! and i loved your family picture :) and his reaction to the gift was GREAT!!!!