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updated purse pics

i just realized the pics on my make-it-mine photo purse were from easter, and it's almost easter again, so i had to change them! i cropped some ploppers down to 5x7 and now have a new purse, kinda! new pics at least! (yes, there's an 8x10 size too, i just never can fill even my small one!)
i love being able to show pics of my kids without opening my purse! AND telling people what i do for a living. well trying to tell them, they usually don't get it, but they always think it's really neat. :)
now let's just see if i can update my pics before next february!!
here are the original pagess i cropped down to fit my 5x7 purse! and i'll still do the full 12x12 sized pages for my album too!


Anonymous said…
such a cute idea
Liz McCoy said…
fantastic! I really love how you were able to use a standard plopper to make it fit!
Lindyroz said…
Beautiful Marge! I thought at first you had 6 kids!!! LOLOL, I think I need one of those purses too. Nicely done.