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we did it! it was SO fun to check this one off our bucket list! and allen had the added bonus of scuba diving too, so another off his list!!! he got to dive at 2 of our 3 stops. he even got to pet a grouper (huge fish kids) and we have a very cool photo (coming soon). i was happy to snorkel on top and take pics and video and just lie on top of the beautiful ocean looking at the amazing amount of wildlife under the water! we went to 3 different HUGE reefs that turned out to be VERY small, amazing. the entire reef is just so big and there's so much to see. we saw so many brilliantly colored fish (lots of nemos kids), giant clams (as big as us!), big fish, little fish... allen even saw a white tipped reef shark (as big as him, said he was pretty intimidated - but he seemed awfully happy!)
now we're off for more adventure! just rented a car and guess what? the steering wheel is on the wrong side AND they tell us we have to drive on the wrong side of the road too. might be interesting!! :)


Laurenbavin said…
So glad you enjoyed it - cant wait to see your pics - see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!
Sharon said…
Looks very cool! Wish I was there again - we went there for our honeymoon. And if I can drive on the wrong side of the road in the US, you can drive on the correct side of the road here :) Safe journey :)
Janet White said…
You are having just WAY too much fun!

(keep it up - it's good for ya'!)
clikchic said…
Yeah, internet access sucks in Australia. It is slow and expensive.

Sounds like you are having a fantastic time!! At least you will be able to do some online catching up when you hit NZ.

I STILL have a crop hangover! ROFL