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back from rotorua and waitomo

we're back! yesterday we went to rotorua to raft the kaituna river, and the okere falls (world's tallest commercially rafted falls at 23 FEET!!!) and we had a blast. it was freezing, and very, very wet, but very, very fun! there were SO many drops back to back, 9 feet, 3 feet, i can't remember it all. it was a beautiful, and very steep gorge. we went with steve and cam (and our guide), and lauren and hannah opted to take photos. (which i'll share when i steal them) i tried to take a few from the raft but only got two as i was focusing on staying IN the raft. :)
we also went to hamurana spring, which was a hot spring that fed a river, so it was SO clear. it was hard to take photos because you couldn't even see the water. this drive reminded us more of southern ohio with the rolling hills instead of mountains everywhere. we still haven't seen anything as flat as troy (apparently that doesn't exist in new zealand!)
pics from yesterday...


Liz McCoy said…
Wow! those trees are TALL and the water IS soooo clear amazing!!!!