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leaving auckland, heading for a time machine...

had a great day touring auckland, looking at the north beaches and volcanoes. (josh you would love this!) they built forts into the volcanoes that sit on the edge of the water and there are tunnels and guns and ammo rooms, just very cool. one of the beaches you'll see us on lava rocks that came from the pretty lake right after those pics. it used to be a volcano and is now just a crater lake. then we ate at murder burger, which was pretty neat, cute kitten logo and funny sayings all over inside, and very yummy!
now we're saying goodbye to new zealand and heading to the airport where we'll fly to the cook islands tonight, but get there this morning! time space continuum thing. so we'll have another tuesday to experience in the cooks. we're hoping the weather doesn't follow us and it's warm and sunny. fingers crossed, thumbs held!
not sure on internet access, so we'll see you on the flip side somewhere!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for coming Americans!
Sorry the weather was so arse.. we pretty much lie about our country on all the tourist brochures where it's always sunny and everyone lives with three kiwis and seven sheep. Hope the rest of your trip is better!

Murder Burger