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pics from hollywood and the dodgers game 5/4

before the game, we drove through hollywood, to be proper tourists and all. was interesting, but just barely. then allen found a neat trail to get closer to the hollywood sign and that was quite cool. great views of the city and mountains.
we had a ball at the dodgers game. saw back to back home runs and a triple play! had a dodger dog (quite high on allen's list) and discovered churros (yum)! and the kids will remember diana digarmo from american idol who sang the national anthem. she has dark hair now though!
then we went back to hollywood to check out the stars (on the ground, sorry kids, we didn't see hannah montana). did get pics of donald duck's prints, roy rodgers for mom, arnold, ryan seacrest, r2d2 adn c3p0, and more!
course it was after midnight eastern (which our brains are still on) so we were beat! today we're off to look for whales and dolphins at newport beach!