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pics from newport beach, california

here are the pics from our excursion in newport beach, california. meant to be whale watching, but they were hiding, so we did some dolphin and sea lion watching. there were SO many, it was crazy. the guides said they found this many dolphin in one place like this once every few weeks, so we were pretty lucky! the dolphins are playful and love to race the boat. it was amazing how fast they are, they easily outran us! they'd jump and turn and criss-cross and just made it look so fun. we sure enjoyed it! the sea lions were neat too. check out the little baby ones, too cute!
from the boat we saw a secluded beach with caves and rock walls and had to check that out. course allen had to do some rock climbing there. it was beautiful, quite a bonus!


SANDY said…
cool shots of the dolphins!!!
Liz McCoy said…
so cool to see the dolphins so up close! love the ice cream treat too!