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scenic drive through northern australia and a tree kangaroo sighting!

we rented a car and allen managed to drive on the left side of the road pretty well! we took a scenic drive to the places the tour busses take you and had our own fun! although it was a bit hard navigating without road names on the roads that matched our maps, we managed to find our way. and it was interesting with all the roundabouts, so we're glad we have the one in troy so we're used to those (although taking them to the left is odd!)
we had gorgeous views from VERY curvy roads up and down the mountains. kids, check out the giant anthill beside daddy, can you believe that? they were all over! we also saw lots of wallabies. they seem to be like deer at home, not common, but there if you look, and they occasionally run out in front of cars...
the coolest thing is on one of our short hikes by malanda waterfalls, we saw a tree kangaroo in the wild! it was so cool! we'd never heard of them until we got here and saw some at currumbin (the animal sanctuary), then we got to see one during our adventures! pics below. it was a great day, our last in australia. today we're headed to new zealand and look forward to our adventures there!