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south island of new zealand

happy anniversary to us! it's been a fun day. we flew to christchurch and took a gorgeous drive to franz josef through the mountains. the weather has been horrible (so COLD), but no worries, that means lots of waterfalls! here in franz josef we hiked to a glacier which was amazing. it's as deep as the sky tower is tall! and it was so blue and white, just so pretty. my pics are terrible (water proof camera, rain, and frozen fingers!) but i'll get good ones from lauren soon. :) we drove through narnia and allen and i bought some turkish delight, just to play the narnia part! we looked for orks and urgals too, but no luck, fortunately of course. (if you're lost, you need to read more) :)
tomorrow we're off to drive through haast pass and on to queenstown, stopping to see the fox glacier, and maybe (hopefully) even the sun! it's really cold down here!! but we have layers, hats, gloves, and cameras so we're ready for another great day!