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may 26 (the second one!), the cook islands

it's hard to believe this was just this week, feels like so long ago! this was our second tuesday, may 26, this time in the cook islands. yep, where survivor was filmed in 2006! now we heard the cook islands were laid back, but in case you ever go, take what you think laid back is, then multiply that by about ten. it's definitely undeveloped, noncommercial, and well, just laid back! it's obvious from the time you arrive in rarotonga (population 10,000), as you walk from the runway into the airport, well the room that is the airport, where you're greeted by friendly locals, everyone wearing flip flops, a man playing traditional music (i hear anytime there's a flight), and chickens. yeah, lots of chickens in the cooks, more than mosquitoes i think.
so we got there at 1am, on the day that we left (time space continuum thing) and had a quick sleep then explored. we were right on the beach, which is a wonderful lagoon protected by a reef all the way around the island. so the water is ankle to waist deep, very calm, with lots of coral and fish, and crystal clear. check out the pic on the left and the ring around the island. we took kayaks out around some small islands close to the beach. you hardly need to snorkel since the water's so clear. we paddled out and explored the reef at low tide and saw starfish, tons of sea cucumbers, and lots of interesting fish and coral. then we watched the sun set over the mountains, some locals catch an octopus for dinner, and rode around the entire island (35km) on our hot red scooter. the pic of the ocean and small island is the view from our room, right on the beach.


Liz McCoy said…
WOW what a view!! love the shot of you 2 in the mirror :) and that blue starfish is soo cool. And you're soo right about the water i can see through it in that kayak picture!!