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saturday, our last day in the cook islands

this was our last day, and we were both sad to leave and happy to be heading home to the family. may's been a very long, but very fun month! we explored, looked at the mountains for the last time, combed more of the beach, had more pavlova (our favorite dessert discovery in new zealand, thanks lauren!), had another coconut, photographed the lizards that lived above our front door, and enjoyed our last day before our midnight flight to LAX.
of course i threatened national security with my chapstick (it's always that or water, i have authority issues). but the boarding process was pretty quick and easy for their once a week flight out to LAX and the singing man was back, and the chickens. we each had to pay a $55 departure tax. how on earth anyone can tax the act of leaving a country i'll never understand. after 9.5 hours to LA, then more hours to St. Louis, then more hours to Dayton, we were finally back home. home sweet home.
we had a fabulous trip and literally squeezed every drop of fun possible out of every minute of every day. now we're exhausted and need a vacation! :)
it's great to be connected to the world 24/7 again. i'll have more pictures and videos to share as i find them. thanks for following us all over the globe!


clikchic said…
Pavlova is a real favourite of mine, did you have the squishy kind or the meringue kind. I love either.
Liz McCoy said…
you sure did have an eventful trip glad you're safe and sound at home...ready to scrap...errr work.
The Lundy 5 said…
uh, i think we had every kind there is from squishy to meringue! we had a lot... :)