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camping in the new river gorge

today allen skipped kayaking with the group and we all went hiking, swimming, kayaking, played at the campground, played with the dogs, and had an all-around fun day! sophia and larissa went on the hike with us and everyone had fun eating raspberries all the way to the river. lizzy loved having a girl around for a change (and i think the boys fought over sophia a bit too!) we took allen and sophia's boats to the river for some kid practice. josh did his first wet exits with a skirt on and loved it. they swam for a while, but it was quite cold for july! the kids played with the dogs, throwing and chasing toys (and each other) up and down the hill and in and out of the water. then we had pizza for dinner and the kids watched a movie while we sat by the campfire. i read inkheart to the kids, but only lizzy stayed awake for the whole chapter. :)


Liz McCoy said…
how cool is it that the kids are into this sport too!! A family that Kayak's together stays together :D