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more camping fun, plus meeting melissa!

allen left to run the new river gorge so the kids and i played at the campground. i got to meet THE melissa green (missaboo) and her family! (bruce took the pic on the left, josh the right!) they live pretty close to fayetteville, and thanks to facebook, we made plans to meet and hang out. bruce and chloe came with her and we played at camp, hiked to a waterfall, then went to fayette station to swim and watch the kayakers. the kids did seal launches into, and kayaked in the creek at camp. then they all played over, under, on, by, up, down, and around the waterfall. at fayette station, we got to watch allen and the oac kayakers run the rapid. it was another fun day!


Liz McCoy said…
oh i need to get out there and start camping again!! Love the picts the kids launching in to the creek that's awesome.

Looks like the waterfall was a great place to be too!