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the prairie primer, our curriculum based on the little house on the prairie books

i received a few questions about our curriculum. we didn't use any curriculum last year with lizzy. we just went with the flow, which was easy and plenty effective. but with all three, we thought a curriculum would make our job simpler. plus this one just looked SO fun!

we're using the prairie primer, based on the little house on the prairie series of books (and appropriately named after the book laura ingalls used in school).
it lets the kids read a chapter a day and using that text, covers reading, bible, literature, science, art, music, creative writing, cooking, health, nutrition, history, and more! we just had to get math workbooks separately ($3 at walmart).
the book is all planned out for you, and only takes FOUR days a week! (hate us now, don't ya?!) the fifth day can be used to catch up, take a field trip, etc. we'll probably use it for life skills classes, you know, camping and kayaking trips! :)