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week 1 of homeschooling - friday, aug 21

today was just field trip day!
· first, we went to the troy-hayner cultural center, aka a mansion that the kids loved. lizzy now plans to buy it when she's a rich and famous singer (for 4.5 million - yes, she actually asked them!). the top floor was a huge ballroom, so they did some moves. oh, and we did take a neighbor girl, that's why there are 4! :)

· then we went to the hobart urban nature preserve and were pleasantly surprised. it appeared to be just a field, like our backyard, so we had low expectations, but we found 82 acres to explore with a great path, neat wetlands, bridges, and a big pond. very interesting for the middle of the city!


Liz McCoy said…
wow looks like fun field trips!! and the nature preserve looks like u had perfect weather the sky so blue with such big fluffy clouds!!!

the ballroom looked amazing...I think I want to buy that house too when i'm rich and famous. Does the house have room for the dsp jet??