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week 1 of homeschooling - thursday, aug 20

another non-typical day of homeschool, although i'm beginning to think that will actually be the norm.
· we slept in. (allen was tired from backpacking and getting up early would be rude right?)
· lizzy and i had an appt in dayton, so they all had workbooks to do, lizzy in the van, the boys at home while allen worked.
· from the prairie primer: reading, literature, science, art, cooking, bible, vocabulary, & character.
· they watched these fun videos again. (they get stuck in your head!)
· lizzy needed some more quality time with her math worksheet. matt needed practice with his upper and lower case letters. josh (sir overeager-talksalot) needed to just go entertain himself outside.
· the amazingly still neat super hero school supply holder is matt's drawer in the kitchen table.
that's it, besides soccer practice x 3 again tonight (aka gym). i didn't get to work like yesterday because of our appt, so i'll be working late tonight. tomorrow is our catch up or field trip day and we haven't planned anything yet, but we'll find something fun.