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week 1 of homeschooling - wednesday, aug 19

today wasn't a model homeschool day, but fortunately, it still works. i think we'll be great models of non-model homeschooling...

· we slept in. health lesson right? your body needs rest!
· the kids read chapter 3 while i took a shower.
· they finished (still in the shower, it was long) so i said (yelled) go do a math worksheet.
· i did some work as they did math.
· i did more work as they did cursive/reading/language worksheets.
· i did more work as they watched these great videos:

i think youtube will be a great part of the lundy little house. the ingalls family would have liked youtube. would have been entertaining on those long days on the prairie.
so those videos cover anatomy, us and world history and geography, american presidents, panama canal, english literature, health, math, german, and theology (simpson style).
· we baked cinnamon raisin bread (breadmaker of course) for our homemade butter.
· from the little house book (prairie primer): reading, science, history, social studies, bible.
· i had josh teach music class, so he taught matt & lizzy a song on the recorder, while i worked.
· we had some much needed sitting still practice, while i worked.
· the kids played math and geography games on the computers, while i worked.
so a pretty convenient day, for me! :)