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week 1 of homeschooling - tuesday, aug 18

· today at the lundy little house, we made butter! it was surprisingly easy & yummy. probably easier than the churning ma ingalls did, but we all agreed we'd rather not have to do it often though (had to shake jars for 20 minutes!). tomorrow we'll bake bread and enjoy more of the butter!
· from the little house book: reading, literature, science, art, bible, music, history.
· i needed to go to the bank, so we made it a field trip and learned about deposits, accounts, etc.
· gym class was soccer practice x 3 tonight
· for cooking class, we made dirt pudding, complete with gummy worms
another fun day!


Meg said…
I'm glad you're posting about your days. Homeschooling is always in the back of my mind, and I love to hear how it's working for you!