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week 2 of homeschooling - friday, aug 28

today was a catch up/activity day, and we were finished by 11am. :)
· math timed tests
· math lesson
· from the prairie primer (that we skipped yesterday): reading, science, living, vocabulary, bible, dictionary.
· we have company coming, so the kids did some cleaning and yard work (life skills eh?)
· they finished quickly, so allen covered gun safety from chapter 3. and only at our house, josh came inside yelling "mom, dad ripped open a shotgun shell and now we're blowing up pure gunpowder!" good times.
· later i caught the boys catching, then eating sweat bees. i asked them why - because daddy said they could. so i asked him why - because they're kinda sweet. boys! i didn't even feel like turning that into a science or nutrition lesson, ew!
· we enjoyed a visit from the wheeler family. mr. wheeler grew up in this house and wasn't with his family when they visited this summer, so it was great to hear he was coming to town. the kids loved showing off for them too, they love a captive audience.
· tonight was time for part three of our research project: store bought break & bake cookies vs. homemade cookies, which are better? and yes, i made real homemade cookies, from actual ingredients! i actually can't remember the last time. they were pretty yummy! we still have to crunch the numbers, after we finish crunching the cookies... :)


Liz McCoy said…
yummmmmm you always have the most delicious lessons :D