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week 2 of homeschooling - monday, aug 24

here's what we did today at the lundy little house:
· from the prairie primer: reading, writing, bible, cause & effect, dictionary skills.
· from their workbooks: math & language arts (what on earth happened to calling it english or grammar??)
· from the desk of drill sargent daddy: spelling and math timed tests (which were not loved by all.)
· gym class was soccer practice (which paid off as lizzy scored tonight!)
· child labor: well, the ingalls family did work hard and we're teaching work ethics here! we just touched on work today, with some yard work. we so very kindly allowed the kids to mow and pick up sticks (and you can see lizzy picked up matt also apparently). tomorrow we'll be even more generous and allow them to clean the house. i know, i know, yes, we're just that nice! :)
lizzy said after the timed tests and cleaning, that homeschool isn't quite as much fun. i told her we'd bake cookies or brownies or something yummy after though, and she was pretty happy again.


Liz McCoy said…
Wow sounds like a full day of learning and fun!!!