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week 2 of homeschooling - thursday, aug 27

lizzy and i had an appt in dayton, so the girls had one kind of school day and the boys had another.
· apparently allen taught the boys about force (mass x acceleration), but probably not the way newton intended. it started with matt asking if he could actually punch the nose off someone's face. boys, but i guess they're learning...
· they also did reading, writing, math, science
· lizzy did spelling, math, grammar worksheets on the drive.
· then lots of life skills as we shopped and checked off many errands.
· we skipped the prairie primer, because we can.

and because we are so dedicated to science, this evening we continued with part two of our research project: store bought break & bake cookies vs. homemade cookies, which are better?

· today we had break & bake again, a little less done since yesterday's were a bit crispy (oops, i mean learning opportunity).
· constants: beverage (milk for the boys, water for the girls), rating scale
· variables: cookies
· we quantified the yumminess on a scale of 1-10.
· soon we'll get started on the homemade cookies, but since i don't do those, i need to google.
· the kids agree that research is a hard job, but we're all willing to sacrifice for the good of man. :)